Motherhouse Sisters volunteer at nearby elementary school

Ursuline Sisters who live or work at the Motherhouse are volunteering their time about every three weeks at nearby West Louisville Elementary School to bag nutritional food for students to take home.

The Ursuline Sisters donated $500 toward the effort, joining St. Mary Magdalene Parish and Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in supporting the program. There are 42 students who are sent home a bag of food each Friday that contains two breakfast items, two snacks, four lunch items, one fruit and two drinks, one of which is milk, said Heather McCarty, Family Resource Center coordinator at the school.

Different sisters volunteer their time when the opportunity arises, and they all enjoy being back in a school. “I could just stay here all day,” said Sister Susanne Bauer, one of the sisters who volunteered on Oct. 22. The other sisters serving that day were Sisters Julia Head, Catherine Barber, Mary Gerald Payne, Eva Boone and Pauletta McCarty, who was the oldest sister at 91. She got to sit in the chair and tie up the bags when they were full.

Only about a half dozen sisters could volunteer at a time, because it’s a small room where the food is stored. The program, now in its third year, runs entirely on donations, McCarty said.

Sister Sharon Sullivan, congregational leader of the Ursuline Sisters, wants those in western Daviess County to know that the sisters at the Motherhouse would be interested in volunteer opportunities that arise.


  1. Therese Fraize

    What a wonderful opportunity for Ursulines to be in the school setting. Do you get opportunities to interact with children? That would complete the picture.


  2. Charlotte Paez

    I think you all are awesome women; wonderful workers at any age, espcially at a young 91.
    Go Ursulines!!!

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