Mary Carrico students square dance for the Ursuline Sisters

An annual tradition during Catholic Schools Week is a visit from the square dancing students at Mary Carrico Catholic School in Knottsville, Ky. Ursuline Sister Mary Celine Weidenbenner, now in her 16th year at the school, teaches the 4th through 8th graders to square dance.

Many years ago, Sister Mary Celine received a stack of 78 rpm square dancing records from the late Ursuline Sister Ruth Helen Flaherty, who died in 1989. Sister Ruth Helen urged Sister Mary Celine to make good use of the records, and she has been teaching her students square dancing ever since.

Here are some photos from their Feb. 2, 2024, visit to the Rainbow Room in Saint Joseph Villa, and a video of their performing the Virginia Reel.



  1. Michele Morek

    The Texas Star was always my favorite! Except for “duck for the oyster, dive for the clam…” Thanks for sharing with the sisters, and keep “swingin’ that corner gal!”

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