Lent Remembrances: Sister Mary Timothy Bland resurrects ‘Alleluia’

Sister Mary Timothy Bland shares her memory of teaching her students to “bury” their “alleluias” so they could later be resurrected.

“Right before Lent began, when I taught 2nd grade at the K-3 Campus (Owensboro Catholic), I gave my class a paper that had the word ALLELUIA written in large bubble letters. The students could decorate their word as they wanted. Afterward, we ‘buried’ these papers for the Lenten Season. This helped them realize that we did not sing ‘Alleluia’ during Lent. After Easter, when they returned to school, they found their ALLELUIA papers on their desks. The ALLELUIA had been ‘resurrected’ and they could again sing it to their heart’s content.”


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