Laughter is carbonated holiness.

Let us strive for holiness—and try to erase from our mind, the corrections we received for laughing at inappropriate times and inappropriate places. Why is it that you are overcome with laughter at the most solemn times. I recall gathering with our novice director daily for midday prayer in the Motherhouse chapel and someone would say the wrong word or drop their prayer book, and the 8 novices would break out in laughter, and eventually Sr. Marie Goretti, our loving and proper novice director, would start shaking with silent chuckles.

We didn’t know then, but now in hindsight we understand that we were growing in holiness. Joy is a sign of holiness you know.

May your day be filled with laughter from within, and may you spread it to those around you. Laughter is carbonated holiness—ponder that one.


  1. Anonymous

    Open a bottle of soda and watch it "sizzle" as you pour it over the ice. Listen carefully and you can hear it fizzing, popping and crackling…like sparklers on the Fourth of July. Look closely and you may even feel it's jubilation as this refreshing carbonated treat spits upon your face with reckless abandon. Laughter titilates the senses and leaves one more joy-filled than they were the moment before. Yes, carbonated holiness. I get it!

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