I am back

Greetings, this past week I have been very occupied with office responsibilities. It was stressful but things worked out. It was an opportunity for the staff to pull together in the absence of the pastor who was where he needed to be with his family. He got the news that his mother, age 64, had a heart attack on Sunday afternoon in Nashville. After his evening mass he went to be with her and his siblings. It was what I would call a “see-saw” week with one phone call being good news followed by another phone call with serious concerns. She made it through 4 quad bypass surgery on her heart but has a very long way to go. I beg your prayers for her recovery and peace and comfort for her family. So, the rest of the staff kept the parish afloat, but it was not the same.

I share all of this to try communicate my absence but to continue to ask for prayer.

Life is hard, and there are many times when it becomes overwhelming. When it does, God has placed within our reach himself, the Body of Christ, in those that we live, work and love. I was able to reach out last week to them in moments of pain, tears, doubt and exhaustion and was renewed, encouraged,loved and able to keep going. Thanks my dear friends, family and community for being the hands, eyes, ears and touch of Christ to me. May your healing and prayers carry us through these next weeks and whatever it holds.