How does prayer transform you?

contemplation 8 It is very significant sometimes to stop and ask yourself how am I doing in the area of my spiritual life. When I took time this morning to do this along with reflecting on today’s Gospel, I recognized that I am becoming a little stagnant in my prayer life. As I went on about entering into my day, I picked up the daily reflection I read and it reminded me that “we bring our whole lives to prayer every time we place ourselves in God’s presence.” I head to the office and the first thing that came across my desk was the invitation on a mailing: Pray more. Do you think God is trying to get my attention. Well, here I am very much aware that I am stagnate. I do know that when a person prays regularly and nourishes their life of prayer there is something dazzling about them. Their words, their attitude, and their actions flow from a prayerful stance. So… God, today I ask once again. Help me to slow down. Teach me to pray. Help me to be open to the transforming love of being in relationship with you.

What about you? How does prayer transform you and those around you? Let us pray for one another!


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