Holy and Sinful—yet Saint and Sinner

I celebrated the Eucharist at 12 Noon today at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Paducah where I minister. At the Eucharist today as always I am blessed and fed. Today, I was very inspired and edified by our pastor’s message on the Scripture. I want to give him credit for this, so I quote…

“Jesus could find holiness in the least likely people; in a tax colletor named Matthew; in an old woman who put her last penny in the temple collection box; in criminal nailed and hanging on a cross next to him.

Today,the Word of God acknowledges that there is evil, and that evil is self-destructive. At the same time, the Gospel today cautions us that our response to perceived eveil should be tempered with patience.

Why? We are all at the same time HOLY and SINFUL, SAINTS and SINNERS.”

I couldn’t help but acknowledge how easy it is to fall into judgment of others and at the same time, try to recognize Christ in all. I appreciate and marvel at the kindness and goodness I experience and yet find people so negative and quick to condemn. Yes, I am looking in the mirror today, and agree. We are all holy and sinful, saint and sinner… Jesus heal us of all the evil within us, in us, and that slips through us. Thanks FBR for your inspiration today!