God is boundary-breakingly beyond everything…

I quote from David Knight’s commentary on the first reading of liturgy today from the book of the prophet Ezekiel 1:2-28.

“It is a common testimony of the mystics that the experiences they had of God, whether in visions or ecstasies, were indescribable. Words do not exist to portray what they saw, because our words express our perceptions of created reality, and God is BOUNDARY-BREAKINGLY BEYOND EVERYTHING GOD HAS CREATED.”

I love that phrase, “boundary-breakingly beyond everything”! There are so many times that I try to define God in my ministry of faith formation for children, youth, adults, or inquirers of the faith and words are so limited in capturing the reality of God.

People are always asking me why I insist on being so inclusive in my language especially in gender phrase defining God. I find that our language is so formative and God would never exclude anyone. I find exclusion to be very hurtful and on the edge of sinful. We, as the Body of Christ, have so much to learn. But today, thinking of God as boundary-breakingly beyond is a powerful truth.

Use me God, to open the eyes of others, and grant me the sight and insight to be boundary breakingly beyond everything that I try to limit today.