“Forgive us as we forgive…”

We can never appreciate the liberation of Reconciliation without a felt awareness of alienation, fragmentation, sin.  Today in the middle of this Lenten season, I recall the true gift of forgiveness.   Today the “Peter” in each of us is reminded through the words of Jesus, ” I do not tell you to forgive only seven times, but seventy times seven.”  At Mass today, the priest invited us to spend time today reflecting on the words from the prayer we pray daily or maybe even seven times a day.   “Forgive us AS we forgive others…”  He reminded us that the pivotal word is “AS”.  I am comfortable turning to God and seeking forgiveness  for my weakness and failures but am very reluctant to spend time reflecting on those I am called to forgive.  I find it worth noting that the position most deadly to me is not evil, the most lethal position is utter indifference and unwillingness to forgive.  Today, I ask for the willingness to let go, reconnect and move toward forgiving  those with whom I need to forgive.

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  1. Jackie Lueders

    when I forgive and let go I find a peace inside myself, a calmness, a peacefulfeeling. A feeling of doing right, If Christ can forgive for what was done to Him, I should be able to follow in His foot steps and forgive.

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