Father Jerry Riney Speaks at Mount on the “Francis Effect” April 28, 2016

Father Jerry Riney, pastor of St. Stephen Cathedral in Owensboro, Ky., was the fourth and final speaker in the month of April discussing the Year of Mercy at the Ursulines Sisters’ Motherhouse. Father Jerry spoke on Mercy and the “Francis Effect” among other topics during his April 28, 2016, talk.

Previous speakers in April were Father Pat Reynolds and Bishops William Medley and Charles Thompson. Here are a couple of pictures and the video from his talk.


  1. Jan Gish

    I haven’t seen Fr. Riney since he was an alter boy during my school days at the Mount. I remember him emptying trash. We used to tease him unmercifully. He was so cute. I missed my younger brothers and it was so nice having a kid around.

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