Demolition of St. Michael Hall

On Sept. 9, nearly 92 years after it was completed, demolition began on St. Michael Hall. Completed on Sept. 29, 1921, the ravages of time had made the building no longer safe to inhabit. Once completed, the area where the building stood will be used for additional parking.

St. Michael was most remembered as classrooms for math and science at Mount Saint Joseph Academy until the school closed in 1983. In subsequent years it was the location of the business office, the archives and housed the offices of the community leadership team. The building was vacated in October 2010.

St. Michael shared a wall with the gymnasium, which is being retained.


  1. Sylvia Goetz McCauley

    I am surprised at how sad I was seeing the demolition. I had several classes in this building. I remember so many of my friends from the Mount … I used to look through the photos of previous graduates that were in the Hall until I found my mother’s picture…it helped me through some homesickness. Goodbye, St. Michael Hall…

  2. Mary E Blandford Goetz

    I remember well that building where we had Chemistry in 1937. The Mount won’t look the same without our Chemistry building.

  3. Sr.Rosemary Keough, OSU

    It makes me sad to see it no more–lots of good memories, tho’. Our ’56 class was the first Freshman class to occupy the “new” classrooms in ’52. Later, that was Sr. Aloysius Marie’s (Mildred’s) ceramics classroom. When I taught in the Academy ’69-’76 and ’80-’82 the Frosh had the big classroom on lower level. Things got moved around according to need.

  4. Becky Morris

    Sr. Agnita Math, Sr. Ursula Biology, Sr. Rosemary Religion…. think I had a class at some point in every room.

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