Danasia Visits Mount to Fund Raise for Father’s Surgery

During his days of working in maintenance at the Maple Mount campus, Orville Bray was known for his good-natured kidding and his love for University of Kentucky basketball.

As of Oct. 12, 2016, he will also be known for his ability to help raise wonderful daughters.

Bray worked at the Mount for almost three years, but left in September 2015 for health reasons. As reported in area newspapers in October, Bray suffers from a rare digestive disorder called gastroparesis, and it requires surgery – one his insurance carrier won’t cover.

One day at his home in Livermore, Ky., he noticed a box used to sell candy bars for a fundraiser, and asked his 11-year-old daughter Danasia if she was already having to sell candy for her school again.

“She said, ‘No, I’m selling it to raise money so you can have your surgery,’” Bray said. “I just broke down.”

After reading an article in the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer about Danasia’s efforts, Ursuline Sisters Ruth Gehres and Marietta Wethington decided to invite Danasia to Maple Mount during her fall break to sell her candy bars. The response was a bit overwhelming for Danasia.

She arrived at the Mount dining room shortly before lunch time on Oct. 12, and by noon had already sold out of all the candy she brought. Her sister, Angelia Carter, 24, raced to Owensboro to buy more candy and returned about 12:30 with a variety of treats. The line formed immediately with sisters, staff and some Ursuline Associates buying up all she had once again.

Several of the sisters just gave her money without requesting any candy.

“I was looking online for ideas and I saw that other people sold candy,” Danasia said. She has been selling candy mostly in the small town of Livermore, and was excited to be invited to the Mount.

Anyone interested in buying candy or otherwise helping with expenses can contact Angelia Carter at 270-499-2046 or at [email protected].


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