Create your own path

vocations  Sometimes you are in the middle of a conversation and something the person says rings true to your heart.  On Friday evening I was having a marvelous conversation catching up with my oldest brother, Fred.   Fred has had some pretty hard knocks lately, losing his wife suddenly has really shaken his entire world. Yet through the grace of God, and by reaching out to others, he has moved through grief in his own way.  Even with the loss, and through trembling words and tears, he finds his fulfillment in being attentive to others who are grieving.  He said he was told by his first boss, “You make your own path.”  This advice he has passed on to other young people and he is still following the advice today.  I marvel at his courage and ability to attend to himself while also attending to others.   His path led him to his wife, and they would have celebrated 50 years of marriage this year.  His path although ending suddenly and unexpectedly was a path of faithfulness in marriage.  What an inspiration!  May each of us be as faithful in creating our own path to fulfillment and joy!


  1. Sister Ruth Gehres

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, Martha, and for yours of today. It’s an example of how we, in our weakness, can become Eucharist to others.

    Blessings on you and your ministry. Love, Ruth

  2. Jackie Lueders

    I have learned through my Faith and my Church to see the good in others as Our Lord did, to love one an other, to do as He did. There is good in us even in sinners, we belive in one God who gave His son to die for our sins, so I pray for those in need and help those in need just as He did.

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