companions on the journey to Christ

I have been very involved with the Initiation process of welcoming those inquiring about the Catholic Way of life these past few days. It is exciting to have seven enthused and excited men and women coming together to learn about the Catholic faith. I couldn’t help but draw parallels between vocation ministry and working with those in the Initiation process, more commonly referred to as RCIA.

In both areas there are particular stages and each stage of formation hold special blessings. In vocation ministry I have the opportunity to walk with women who are discerning and desiring to become a consecrated woman in the church. Both candidates for RCIA and consecrated life require deep honesty, intense prayer and willingness to discern the movement of God in one’s life. It is awesome to witness God working in their lives. Both are very grace-filled ministries.

I feel very honored to walk with both, for I find my own faith and commitment deepening as well. Ultimately we are all really companion on the journey to Christ.