Center Christmas Party for the Sisters

Each year the staff of the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center has a party for the Ursuline Sisters at Maple Mount, complete with freshly made candy, cookies and other treats. This year’s party, on Dec. 5, was held in the small dining room at the Motherhouse, so the sisters would have easier access. Here are some pictures from the day:


  1. Jan Gish

    Wish I were there to sing Christmas carols with everyone. What a spread of food! Looks delicious!

  2. Patty Mills Reynolds

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. I’ve missed seeing everyone since the karaoke party.

  3. Marcella Nolan Skidmore

    Warm wishes,love, and prayers to all the Paola Ursulines and all the other Ursulines! Thanks for sharing these photos. May you all be blessed with good health, peace and joy at this season and in the coming year! Marcella Nolan Skidmore

  4. Mary Catherine Dentiste

    Delighted to see the pictures of the Ursulines of Paola.
    Such great memories they created for me for 12 years at St. John in Bartlesville and the Academy in Paola.
    Blest wishes to all for a joyous and blessed holiday season and good health and happiness for 2015.

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