Blessed and Indivisble Trinity

Today, I was drawn to the writings of Saint Angela Merici, founder of the Company of Saint Ursula, the origin of the Ursuline Sisters. Angela’s rule begins…”In the name of the blessed and indivisble Trinity.” As is noted by many writers on the life of Angela,her rule opens with a powerful statement of faith. The “Blessed and indivisble Trinity” is the foundation upon which the Rule of Angela is based. It is the source from which her message will spring. It is a divinely inspired message, with God as the true author. Angela serves an God’s instrument. Angela serves as the voice of God to her daughters. As she begins her rule, this is more than a statement of faith but also gives clarity of mind and vision. This serves as a sign of her humble and self-effacing attitude.

As baptized followers of our Redeemer, our Savior and Faithful companion, we are called to witness the Triune God in our call. It is our way of life that speaks of the clarity and foundation of our call to serve and witness our consecration to God as virgins and daughers of Angela. Angela’s wisdom and spirituality is evident in beginning her rule with an acknowledgement of the Trinity. It compels us as her daughters to aspire to a realization of our baptismal call and defines our identify.

I pray, Triune God speak with me, in me and through me. Triune God, source and foundation of my call, I ask today for the grace to come to a deeper realization of my call as a daughter of Angela. ” Light up the darkness of my heart” and give me whatever I need to be faithful to you.