August 2017 Reflection

An August Reflection
By: Sister Marietta Wethington

Doesn’t everyone love Dr. Seuss? I do. Here are some of the things he said:

  • Today you are YOU. That is true-er than TRUE. There is no one alive that is you-er than YOU. Happy Birthday to You!
  • A person’s a person, no matter how small. Horton Hears a Who
  • And turtles of course…
    Turtles are FREE
    As turtles, and maybe, ALL creatures should be. Yertle, the Turtle
    You know, I think Jesus would agree with Dr. Seuss.How do we get to the point of being “you-er than you”? How do we become free?

    We have to be transformed. We can’t do that alone. A recent retreat director told us that transformation is not a magic moment but a process where we let life be a journey. A journey of the heart. It is not a project to master. To be transformed we have to be open and attentive to the wonder of life and the presence of God. I call that living in the present moment. We can’t climb a ladder to perfection. We have to let go and surrender to God. Fear can keep us from surrender. We are called to let go of fear and submit to God.

    God keeps calling us to move beyond fear. Writers have told us that the most frequently spoken words of Jesus in scripture are “Do not fear.” Jesus isn’t going to ask us to do anything that he is unwilling to help us do. Jesus will walk with us through our fear.

    In another scripture passage, Jesus told us that he came that we might have life in abundance. If you have life in abundance you will not fear. You will be free. You will be you. I think that is who Jesus wants us to be. When I was younger I would often wish I were more like some of the people I admired. Age and experience taught me that, when I die, Jesus is not going to ask me why I was not more like someone else. Jesus is going to ask me to show him the me I have become. Then he will invite me to share abundant life with him in heaven.


    Do you like the “me” you have become?
    -Spend some time reflecting on the transformation that is the journey of your life.
    -You may wish to write about some of the significant transformations you have experienced in your life.
    -Give thanks to God for all the good God has done for you.


  1. Ruth S Hendrickson

    Dear SrMarietta,
    When Owen(my 16yr old grandson) was near death he said, “it’s time now, what do I do? & I’m afraid.”
    His mom told him that he had done everything right, so far, to just rest & that he would know.
    I then reminded him that when we did his Theology homework he would say, “when in doubt, the answer is Jesus, Gron, the answer’s always Jesus!”
    After I sang “Be Not Afraid” to him,(quietly, in his ear) I told him that Jesus was there, w his hand reaching out. “He’s just waiting for you to take his hand & go w him to peace & happiness like you could never imagine!”
    After a short while, I asked Owen if he saw the bright light of Jesus. He said, “yes.”
    “Are you afraid, Owen? ” I said.
    He answered, “No, I’m not afraid.”
    Moments later, Owen left his earthly pain to, as you you said, SrMary, “share w Jesus the abundant life of heaven.”
    The answer is Jesus. It’s always, Jesus!

    Thank for your beautiful words of faith, hope & love, SrMary.
    We love you. Ruth

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