An Advent and Christmas Blessing from the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph



  1. Theresa

    Have a blessed Advent. I hope this is truly your Latin chant! God willing, one day I can attend a beautiful Traditional Latin Mass at your chapel.

  2. Janet Evans (Lickteig)

    Absolutely beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing. May you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

  3. Michele Morek osu

    You sounded very good! But I couldn’t help but notice there was one ALTO missing! Wish I were there, love and Merry Christmas from NYC

    Michele OSU

  4. Rosemary Byrne

    Beautiful video! Having visited all these scenes, the video brought back many fond memories. The “Magnificant” in the background is “magnificent”. Thank you

  5. Mary Wimsatt

    Thank you dear Sisters for the best Christmas present ever. I shall play this video many times.

    Educated by the Ursulines for twelve years, I have many fond memories. I always say, “Any good that I have or any help that I have done for others I owe to my Mother and the Ursuline Sisters.” Of course, many others have helped me along the way.

    My many retreats at the Mount and visiting dear friends are special memories. I had four wonderful years at Brescia.

    Merry Christmas to each of you and many blesses in the new year,

    Mary Wimsatt

  6. Mary Wimsatt

    Thank you dear Ursulines for the best Christmas gift. I love the singing and will play the video many times.

    Educated by the Ursulines for 16 years I often say, “Any thing in which I suceed I owe to my Mother and the Ursulines.” Of course many others have helped me along the way.

    Wonderful memories stay with me of many retreats made at the Mount and also visiting many sisters over the years.

    Merry Christmas Sisters and many blessings in the New Year.

    Mary Wimsatt
    This is my second attempt -hope that it goes through this time.

  7. Ann and Joe Sipes

    Thank you for the beautiful video. Our deepest sympathy to you in the loss of the sisters this year who died. We’ll always be thankful for the sisters who came to Flaherty over the years, and we miss our aunties, Sr. Margaret and Sr. Bernadita. We haven’t been able to attend the picnics in last few years, but hope to do so again sometime in the future.

    Ann and Joe Sipes in Flaherty

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