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Attitude is everything!

 Pope Francis says: “The first reform within the Church must be the attitude.  Structural change to the government of the church is vital, but it must follow from a new way of being church, in which we get out of the sacristy, engage with people, know their suffering and their puzzlement from within. ”    

Just like a lot of Catholics I am drawn to almost everything that is coming out about our Holy Father.  He has a tremendous insight into humanity and the needs of God’s people.   As I continually discover in my own ministry, there are many in our Church who feel very alienated and judged.  I find that Pope Francis has a simplicity that shouts of holiness and a keen recognition that God dwells in each of us.  I need a change of attitude that honors and recognizes God in each person.  An attitude that is realized with kindness, loving actions and words of compassion, reverence and  genuine welcome.   I have to admit that I find his words about reforming our attitude as Church to be quite a challenge, yet an urgent need.  I pray that I may grow in compassion and holiness.  I pray for Pope Francis to continue to challenge and call us to be the Church which engages with people in their needs and in their pain.  Perhaps united together we can turn the Church’s direction from puzzlement to amazement!






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