Youth are temples of divine glory- Dolan

I had the opportunity or took the opportunity to spend some time online to watch the catechesis of Cardinal Timothy Dolan at World Youth Day this morning.  It was quite good.  He has a way of capturing your attention and to a crowd this size that is no small task.  He reminded the youth that if we really believed that we house the Divine within what a different reality we would be and see in others.  He called them to a deeper belief that their values, their worth, their dignity, and their identity does not depend on what is out there but rather what dwells within–the God who comes to us.  Nothing and no one can take this away! So celebrate it and share the Divine with each other.    Truly act and believe that you are a temple of divine glory!

What a difference this would make for all of us.  My challenge today is to believe this and recognize this graced reality!