Y-DOSA Summit 2012

Y-DOSA Summit 2012
St. Louis, Missouri

June 23-24, 2012

Packing List

Sleeping bag (consider also an air mattress since we are sleeping on a gym floor)
Towel and washcloth
Personal hygene items
Casual shorts or a comfortable skirt acceptable for mass
Comfortable shoes
Any medicines to be turned in to the Y-DOSA leader with instructions
(unless accompanied by parent)


Optional items

Disposable camera
Journal and pen
Enough cash to spend at the Cathedral or Core of Discovery gift shops



Valuable items


Dress Code

  • Wear your Y-DOSA t-shirt.
    (If you do not have one yet, I have some large and extra large that can be worn for the trip)
  • Comfortable slacks, shorts or skirt that can be worn to mass as there won’t be time to change before 5:00 pm mass on Saturday night.


Food List

There will be approximately 18 people from the KS Chapter and 7 from the Kentucky Chapter

Kansas Chapter – Dinner Saturday night

Canned Spagetti Sauce (suggestion Hunts meatless – about $1.00 per can – 6 large cans would be enough for 24 people)
Precooked pasta in a baggie that can be kept in the cooler (3 of the large packages)
Bagged salad (suggestion the large bags from Costco or Sams – 2 bags)
Dressings (2 bottles – Ranch and Italian)
Prepackaged Brownies or similar dessert
Powdered Lemonade (suggestion packets to pour into the water bottles)
Snacks (fruit and trail mix)

Kentucky Chapter – Breakfast Sunday morning

Hard boiled eggs (suggested for easy transport)
Breakfast bars



Dianna McGlaughlin (cell) 913-302-3516
Lisa Guenther (cell) 913-636-2668
Lisa Reilly (cell) 913-544-6568

We will load up all packs, sleeping bags, etc. at the Reilly’s at 6:45 a.m. to depart at 7:00 a.m. Donation of $20 for gas money. I’ll have copies of maps when we leave OR you may want to mapquest in advance to become familiar!


The Arch
209 Walnut Street
Saint Louis, MO 63102

YOU must prepurchase your tickets by calling 1-877-982-1410 OR go to www.coreofdiscovery.com click on The Gateway Arch Experience, Journey to the Top. You MUST make your appointment for 1:00 pm on the 23red in order for us to keep within time schedule. I believe you must purchase not only at ticket, but also a park pass.

You must be in the security line by at least 12:30 on the 23rd to make your 1:00 appointment time for the Arch.

IF you are not going to the top, you may tour the Core of Discovery Museum at the bottom of the Arch. There is no charge for the museum.


Basilica of Saint Louis the King (Old Cathedral)
209 Walnut Street
Saint Louis, MO 63102

We’ll start here with a quick prayer and then have lunch in the park outside the cathedral. Then walk down the sidewalk to the Arch.


Cathedral Basilica (New Cathedral)
4431 Lindell Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63108

We have a scheduled tour at 3:00 p.m. and will stay for 5:00 p.m. mass.


Ursuline Academy
Ursuline Academy in Saint Louis – www.ursulinestl.org
341 South Sappington Road
Saint Louis, MO 63122

We will serve the meals in O’Hara Hall and eat in the Tapestry Garden (in case of inclement weather they will be providing round tables and chairs to eat in the Hall.) We will sleep in the gym. (Suggestion bring a foam mattress or air mattress) We would like to offer $10 per person as a stipend for the Ursuline Academy. (we may want to stay again!)



Bring $10 – $20 for our last lunch in Kirkwood (see Psghetti’s.com – Menu for complete pricing)


Please call with any questions:

Lisa Reilly, OSUA, Y-DOSA Coordinator 913-814-8797 or 913-544-6568


Carol O’Keefe, OSUA, Y-DOSA Director 913-897-4023 or 913-244-9667