Y-DOSA girls send well wishes for National Catholic Sisters Week

To celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week from March 8-14, current and future members of the Whitesville, Ky., chapter of the Young Daughters of Saint Angela wrote notes to the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph who live in Maple Mount. The girls thanked the sisters for their prayers and requested some specific prayers for family members and teachers. Here are some excerpts from those notes:

Meredith Harley

Meredith Harley, center, and Maria Whitmer, left, join Sister Jane Miriam Hancock for bingo during the Y-DOSA Summit at Maple Mount on June 5, 2015. The Summit brings the Y-DOSA girls from Whitesville, Ky., and Kansas together.

“Happy National Sisters Week! I have helped at the Mount picnic for several years. I joined Y-DOSA because I wanted to learn more about Saint Angela Merici. Getting the opportunity to participate in Mount activities and talking to the sisters is a great experience. Thank you for all your prayers. I will keep you in my prayers. I can’t wait till April when I get the opportunity to have my scrutiny retreat!” Meredith Harley

Maggie Foster and Taylor Pedley

Maggie Foster, left, and Taylor Pedley look over items at St. Mary of the Woods Catholic School in Whitesville, where they are in the sixth grade.

“Happy National Sisters Week. You are all wonderful people that are worth admiring. I joined (Y-DOSA) because I wanted to become closer to God. I enjoy coming to Y-DOSA and I hope to be a member next year. I am currently in the sixth grade at St. Mary of the Woods Catholic School. I am going to offer my next Mass for the sisters at Mount Saint Joseph. Thank you for praying for us here. I look forward to meeting you all.” Taylor Pedley

McKenna Greenwell

McKenna Greenwell at St. Mary of the Woods Catholic School.


“I go to St. Mary’s Church and I’m in Y-DOSA. I chose to be in Y-DOSA because I thought it would be good for me and to get closer to God. The Y-DOSA group has been going to the Mount to help out for the picnic. I went the last time. It was really fun. I enjoyed meeting some of you and getting to know you. Maybe some of you might remember me. Thank you for all the prayers and blessings you’ve been sending our way.” Maggie Foster

“My name is McKenna Greenwell and I attend St. Mary of the Woods

Mercedes Moore

Mercedes Moore during a Y-DOSA meeting at St. Mary of the Woods Catholic School.

Catholic School. I am in the sixth grade and enjoy learning new things. I’m praying for you and all the other sisters. I look forward to meeting you all when I go on the next trip!”

“Happy National Sisters Week. I’m Mercedes Moore, you might remember me from our Y-DOSA trip. I remember a lot of you. I had a lot of fun getting to know you and hope to get to know you better next time. Thanks for the prayers.”