What is your faith background….

What kind of faith background do you have? Did you grow up in a Catholic home and were your parents Catholic? –from Pam

Yes Pam, I am from the Catholic expression of faith and grew up is a large family of 7 sisters and 5 brothers. Both parents were Catholic and loved their faith very much. They were good role models for me of being prayerful people and took service in the Church and the community very seriously. We had the opportunity in a small community to interact with our priest and the sisters who taught in the elementary and high schools regularly. It was very common to be called by name by both the pastor and the sisters. This is very different from your experience as I am aware that you have never been around Sisters. It is not uncommon today to have candidates or members in a religious community that did not grow up in the Catholic Church but went through the Rite of Christian Initiation process. It is also not uncommon that parents of members of a religious community are of another Christian tradition. I am very grateful for the atmosphere of faith in my home and school that nurtured my love for God and the Church. It was during my time of being involved in the parish youth group that I begin to open my heart to listen to where God might be leading me. Faith is such a gift and has the potential to make your life very exciting! May you discover the real invitation to be your best self and make a difference in a live of serving other in whatever lifestyle you choose.