What is the first step in discerning being a sister?

I think the key word in this question is “discerning.”  If you consult a dictionary, it tell you that the word discernment comes from the roots, “to discern which means to  separate; to distinguish between; to sift.”  When you decide to enter into discernment, it is important to realize that you are beginning a process.  This process means that it will happen over a period of time and that the movement cannot be hurried or forced.  It is a time of gathering information in order to find, as best you can, where the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth, may be leading you. 

It is very desirable to pray daily for God’s guidance.  Prayerful listening implies that you provide time for quiet and for becoming aware of what is happening within but also around you. It is in such moments of quiet that you are able to be honest with yourself and sort out the authentic and inauthenic desires of your heart.  In this sifting process you are led, one step at a time, to a choice  that gives you peace and which you can recognize as truth for you.

Saint Angela Merici, founder of the company which evolved into the Ursuline Sisters, referred to God, as Truth.  I pray you are led to a deeper truth as you discover and discern where  the God of Truth is leading. 

Next week I will offer another step in the process of discerning.  Enjoy the quiet and be patient with the process!