Vacation time

Today, I officially begin a week of vacation. I am headed north to visit my youngest sister, Margaret and her family. It is a time to put aside deadlines and commitments and relax and renew myself. I am looking forward to sleeping late, staying up late, and reading a good novel. Life is good, and especially when you have the luxury to stepping aside and giving thanks for blessings and graces.

Today’s gospel of the 10 lepers is a reminder to never overlook the blessings of the moment. Last night I visited with a dear friend who has been in my life since high school. Thanks Nelda. Tonight I enjoyed supper with another dear friend, who treated me to a delicious home cooked supper, thanks Brad. But tonight I am aware of so many blessings and reasons to give thanks. My heart is grateful beyond words, and especially for this week of vacation. I am on vacation!!!!!!!!