Ursula, mentor for many

Yesterday my community celebrated the special feast of our patron Saint Ursula. I was fortunate to be at the Motherhouse for mass. The homily was a reminder that Ursula was very special to Angela Medici which is true, thus Ursula is special to many who have embraced Angela’s vision and  mission. This is continually evolving. There are Ursuline Sisters, Associates, and friends who have fallen in love with Angela.

Ursula’s story has been debated and dissected  and you do not see her listed in most lives of the saints. But  I am aware that a saint was honored in our history by the acclamation of those who knew and recognized them, so this is sufficient for me. Obviously, Angela was drawn, captivated and embraced Ursula as the namesake of her Company. I am sure lots of prayer and reflection went into Angela’s choice. Thus today Ursuline all over celebrate Ursula as a woman of courage, tremendous adventure and radical hope. It seems quite appropriate that we URSULINES claim and celebrate her as we strive to carry into the present the gift of Ursula and Angela’s spirit and vision.

Saint Ursula, Virgin and Martyr, who inspired others to follow your commitment. Saint Angela Medici, beloved woman of the Church, who called her daughters to respond to the needs of the times, lead us, guide us, inspire us. May other generous women join us in this awesome mission!  In gratitude for all MSJ Associates, women and men, who extend our presence in their daily life, we remember with thanks to God!