Trigg County Quilters Return to the Mount

The Trigg County (Ky.) Quilters have returned to Maple Mount for the week of Oct. 28. The quilters have all new projects and motivations behind those projects.

Among the quilters is Pat Turner who has been a member since 1999. She is involved in the Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International with the Russellville team. They visit Nicaragua with their main purpose being salvation. They also work to meet the physical needs of the people, establish churches and a sewing school.

“The sewing school teaches people tailoring and crafts for things they can sell to help support their families,” she said. The women of the Trigg County Quilt Guild help gather materials for this project.

Also in the Guild is Joan Drake of Cadiz, Ky. She was working on a piece called “Smooth Sailing” for her niece’s baby due in December.

Dee Eggers of Cadiz, Ky. has been a member for three years, but has only been quilting for about 4 years.

“I just jumped right in,” she said. “It’s a great thing.”

Debbie Clark of Gracey, Ky. became a member in 2006. “I was still working and I needed a nighttime activity. So I helped start Star Stiches,” she said. Star Stiches is a group within the Trigg County Quilters Guild and meets in the evening. “I just wanted a chance to learn more.”

Here are some picture from the week: