Trigg County Quilters make their third trip to Maple Mount

Susan Schaaf stands near her quilt pieces she is using to make a king size contemporary pattern.

Susan Schaaf moved to Cadiz, Ky., in May, and her new neighbor, Tish Rudd, invited her to join the Trigg County Quilters. When the group of women from far western Kentucky came to the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center for the third year in a row, Schaaf came with them.

“I like the camaraderie of being with women who enjoy doing what I like to do,” Schaaf said. “I like this facility. I immediately put my sewing machine by the window so I could see the grounds. The sisters have been so kind to us.”

The Trigg County Quilters came to the Retreat Center from Oct. 20-23, spending their time in Conference Room A among the whirr of sewing machines. Rudd learned about Maple Mount when she attended a Runaway Quilters gathering, and starting bringing her quilting guild in 2012. They have 60 members, but a flu bug meant just 19 of them came to the Mount this year.

Tish Rudd holds the table runner she is working on.

“We come for the serenity, the wonderful staff and the facility is fabulous,” Rudd said. “They make us feel so welcome. We’re already booked up through 2017,” she said while working on a table runner. “This is our recovery time from our annual quilt show. We come here to recharge.”

Janet Vance was working on a huge nativity quilt that she began when she arrived.

Janet Vance adds a piece to the nativity quilt she began working on when she arrived at the Mount on Oct. 20.

“I’ve always wanted one,” Vance said. “I didn’t know it would be such a big project. You get a lot done when you come to a place like this.”

This is the third year Vance has come to the Mount. “We have a lot of fun with each other,” she said. “It’s a beautiful location to have some quiet time.”

Joan Drake was teaching other members how to make a Joy banner, using ribbon weaving. “We have so much fun,” she said. “And the food here is so good.”

Teresa Woodall was working on a Dresden plate quilt for her granddaughter, by spreading pieces on the floor. This was her second year at the Mount.

“I love the camaraderie of all my friends,” she said.