It’s Joyce vs. Marian as Cats and Jayhawks play one more

While most people think Monday night’s national championship game is between Kentucky and Kansas, it’s also down to two people in our pool to win the title.

Joyce Alexander is in second place, and has Kentucky winning it all. If the Cats win, Joyce takes the $21 winner’s share and Trista Boyle, who also has Kentucky winning, will take the $7 runner-up money. Had Ohio State won Saturday, Trista would be in the driver seat.

If Kansas wins, Marian Bennett, currently in 10th place, will win it all. Marian is the only person who picked Kansas to win, so she would be the only person to pick up the 32 points for picking the champ. Dan Heckel, currently in first but unable to gain any more points, comes in second if the Jayhawks win. (Dan would like it known he would gladly trade the $7 for a Kentucky national championship.)

No one correctly picked the Kentucky-Kansas final. It’s been a great tournament, here are the standings heading into the final night:


Pts       Name                                    Possible points          

92        Dan Heckel                           92

91        Joyce Alexander                123

89        Trista Boyle                          121

88        Sherry Newton                    88

86        Jennifer Kaminski              118

84        Sr. Amelia Stenger             116

83        Sandra Elder                         83

82        Kelly Tipton                          114

77        Jackie Martin                      109

75        Marian Bennett                   107

73        Sr. Elaine Burke                  73

68        Katie Risley                          68

61        Tiffany Orth                          61

54        Cyndi Madi                           54