In his book on Transitions, William Bridges said you have to let yourself live through an ending before you can make a beginning. So when I returned from my U.N. internship in New York I set out to live through that ending mindfully, and begin to find my way into the next chapter of my life.
As I drove through the lovely Kentucky countryside, welcoming the green fields and forests back into my soul, it occured to me that each of us has infinite room inside for MANY landscapes. You have to let them in–but once there, they are yours to keep, to take out and turn over, to look at and enjoy for the rest of your life.
I thanked God for the many landscapes in my soul: the colorful canyonlands of the Southwest, the temperate rainforest and redwoods of the Northwest, the diverse Mixed Mesophytic (sorry, couldn’t resist!) forests of Kentucky, and the skyscraper canyons of lower Manhattan. All have changed and enriched my life–infinite gifts from the infinite God.