Sisters in Saint Joseph Villa get back to nature with animal visit

Saint Joseph Villa employee Jenny Lageson provided a treat for the Ursuline Sisters on May 27, 2021 – a visit from some of her daughter’s farm animals. Maddison Blakeley brought two dwarf goats – Elvis and Flower – as well as a silkie chicken, a duck and a white rooster. (They don’t name the fowl, there are too many.) She also brought her children Emmitt, 6, and Scarlett, 3. The Sisters in the Villa had a wonderful visit. Here are some pictures.


  1. Dr Roger and julie gstalder

    Sr Marie Carol .. it’s so good to see you again… you taught Christopher in first grade and he’s 38 now! You look amazing! Our thoughts and prayers are with you…

  2. Sister C.J.

    It’s so wonderful that our Sisters had this beautiful encounter with God’s amazing creation! We’re blessed that Jenny and her family provided this delightful treat for our Sisters, and we have the perfect setting for them to enjoy it! WE ARE BLESSED!

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