Sisters celebrate each other during Community Days

Since 1917, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph have set aside time in July for Community Days, when all the Sisters who are able, return to Maple Mount to discuss community business and enjoy each other’s company. This year’s Community Days meetings took place in the Mother Aloysius Room.

Sister Ruth Gehres once again served as the intrepid photographer from Community Days from July 6-9, 2021. Here are photos from the week.


  1. Jean Mills Carrico

    Sister Ruth Gehres you did a wonderful job of capturing the loving spirit. It’s so great to see so many smiling faces.
    Love to all,

  2. Liz Dawley

    So good to see my Paola Ursuline friends: Pat Lynch, Susie Bauer, Angie Fitzpatrick, Jane Faulke. Missing Grace OK? and Kathy Dueber. Are they ok?

  3. Ruth Gehres

    Hi Liz . . . I started this response and lost it . . . so you may get it twice. Thanks for your response. About your friends that are missing from the photos . . . at that time Sister Grace was nursing a broken arm (from a fall) and not coming up to the main dining room for meals. Since then she is back to mobility and comes regularly. Sister Kathleen is OK, residing in Saint Joseph Villa (as is Grace) and choosing to stay there for activities and meals. I’ll tell them you asked . Grace’s email: [email protected] I don’t find one for Kathleen. Blessings . . . thanks for asking! Ruth

  4. Marian Bennett

    Dear Friends
    I’m delighted to see everyone‘a smiling faces. I miss you!
    Marian Bennett

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