Sister Julia Head, OSU: A lifetime of openness and presence

Free time

When the weather cooperates, Sister Julia can often be found in her yard working on flowers, or taking her daily walk. She enjoys “sitting on the screened-in back porch with prayer or reading a good book” (preferably historical fiction). Her two favorite books are “The Professor and the Madman: The Writing of the Oxford English Dictionary” and “As Wide as the Waters: The Translation of the Bible into English.” Her latest project is sorting and organizing family photographs.

“Since Julia lost her parents and because we have been friends for so long, she has been adopted as a family member by my siblings,” Sister Judith Nell said. “Since our family gatherings are usually rather wild and boisterous, Julia eventually has to call it quits and retreat to a quieter space! She’s a real trouper and welcoming to my nieces and nephews when they spend time at our house — they all love Julia.

“Julia and I have been friends for many years and have enjoyed living together, probably because we both crave some quiet and space after a full day’s work,” said Sister Judith Nell, who is director of library services at Brescia University. “Because our daily schedules are so different and varied with work, family, and other responsibilities, we don’t spend a lot of time together, but enjoy sharing nature, music, and books.

“I find Julia to be a woman of deep faith, integrity, and compassion,” Sister Judith Nell said. “She is indeed a companion of Angela’s and a great example for all of us.”

It turns out people are impressed with what Sister Julia knows, and also know that she cares.

By Dan Heckel