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Sister Jane Falke reminds us this Advent that Jesus was a migrant

For our Advent feature “The Gift of Christmas,” we asked the Ursuline Sisters to recall a special Christmas gift they gave or received; a memory of their ministry during Christmas, such as planning an event with their students; or a favorite Christmas ornament they loved.
Sister Jane Falke shares today’s memory of an icon she bought in Cairo that reminds us that Jesus calls us to help migrants and refugees.
“When we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating God becoming a human person. As we contemplate and rejoice with hymns, gifts, and feasting, we can never exhaust this mystery. As we celebrate, we are also reminded that Jesus was a migrant.
“Twenty-five years ago, after our group visited the Holy Land, our Palestinian driver took us across the border into Egypt. When we were in Cairo, I bought this icon as a reminder of the experience. Over the years I have come to see more meaning in it. I spent 10 years caring for refugees and migrants. I heard about all their troubles and reasons for coming to the United Stares.
Today, there are more people on the move than ever before. This is a miserable experience that Jesus shared with us and asks us to be open to those who need our help now.”


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