SILENCE is healing

This Lenten season one of the greatest gifts I offer myself is a period of silence. and rest.  It seems I cannot stop or slow down enough to savor all the beauty, grace and peace that this penitential season offers me.   Yesterday, I did gift myself with a time of silence in my day.  Silence is healing.  I invite you to find some time for silence in your Lent.  Let me know how that is for you.   I share this reflection by Robert Wicks for your own reflection.

Kneeling in Silence                                                                                                                         

  Most of the time I pray and sing while sitting or standing  straight.  But now the only way to release my soul is to gently kneel and wait.  Ordinarily a few spoken words would open  up my heart.  But now to hear Your gentle voice deep silence needs a place.   My soul is now too lonely to hear just spoken words.  And sitting or standing before You no longer bears my faith.  So I quietly kneel in reverence until Your Silence comes to touch the sadness in my soul and to heal me…once again.