shake out your welcome mat

Come… today I must stay at your house… he came and received him with joy.  Luke 19:6

Today this Scripture gives me reason to pause. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have been my response if Jesus looked at me and invited himself into my home.  I would immediately ponder why this is not a good time. I would fret about what the place looked like and how I needed time to clean, straighten up and beautify the space.  Unfortunately,  I know my response would have been frantic instead of joyful.  Now, what does that say about my readiness to receive Christ into my life and my heart this day.  I need to attend to what is important today! But what could be more important than to take Jesus up on his invitation and shake out the welcome mat to received him with joy!

What would be your reaction to Jesus’ invitation?  Actually it happens everyday and I miss it.   I ask for the eyes and heart of Zacchues to throw off all that is non-essential and be open to Jesus’ invitation.