Settle my heart

This week I have been speaking with two different women who are searching for answers. One comment was, ” I really want to be in two different places. Both places are equally attractive. How do I know what God is asking of me?” Haven’t we all had that same question arise in our lives once, twice, perhaps numerous times. I found myself smiling and responded. ” I think it might be helpful to continue to ask that question of God while at prayer.” Isn’t it true that when we are able to place our questions, our desires, even our life in the hand of God, we can be at peace. I know I can rest in the knowledge that God’s intention for me is always good. However, I must remember and acknowledge that special gift that makes us unique as God’s creation–free choice! God, settle my heart and assure me that I can rest in the hope that one day my questions will be answered.I choose again this day to surrender to your plan for me. Enlighten and guide the searching of the women who are seeking you and your plan in their lives.