School is out for the summer

imagesCAKORBDIToday marks the close of another school year!  Although I am no longer in the school setting, the last day of school always stirs memories.  Memories of bidding farewell to a class whom you have grown to love and to feel your own accomplishment in their accomplishments.   A teacher can never underestimate the influence on those under your supervision.  The students seemingly know when you have their best interest at heart and appreciate it– most days.  Although, we know there are no favorites, there are always students that stand out for one reason or another.  The last day of school gives me time to recall all the students I taught in my twelve years of being a classroom teacher.  I wonder if my former students realize that I still find  joy in sharing in their accomplishments?  Ending the school year was always bitter sweet, knowing that the children who leave were only in your care for a certain amount of time.  Even as the school doors close, a teacher’s job is never complete.   After end of the year forms and records are complete, it is time to start anew with the next class.  But first, take a breather and enjoy some summer fun!