When I finally learned to right click, it opened up the door to a whole new world of things I could do on my computer. (For those who are even less computer-literate than I was–if there are any people like that–that refers to clicking on the RIGHT button of the mouse, instead of the usual left button.)

But it’s always like that when we step out of our comfort zone: first a period of confusion and darkness, then you can suddenly see lots of things you couldn’t see before. I can think of a lot of Right Click Moments in my life. The decision to join religious life was a right click, and oh! the doors that has opened for me. The Enneagram was a right click–that sent my self-knowledge into overdrive. the United Nations experience opened up The World.

We should really be grateful for Right Click Moments, even when they are painful or negative…easier said than done, right?