Reflective Moments with Angela

By Sister Michele Morek

While praying over this reflection for the New Year, I kept glancing up at the World Wildlife Foundation calendar on my wall. I can always find a distraction, but this one was persistent!

I kept looking at the picture of a group of little Emperor Penguin chicks huddling against the bitter cold and wind of Antarctica. (Try minus 50 degrees Centigrade and winds up to 200 km per hour!)  Most were crouched with their backs to the wind and snow, but one brave little bird was facing right into it, with bright curious eyes.

I kept thinking – that’s Angela! She would be watching for whatever else needed doing, whoever needed help, or some sign that indicated the need to “do something different.”

Being cold-natured myself, I sympathized with the little ones staying out of the wind. And given the status of the world today – several wars or major conflicts, the suffering of innocents, climate change, political disagreements – I imagine there are others who would like to just huddle down, sleep through it, and just wish it would all go away.

But what would Angela be doing? Would she be watching alertly, face into the wind, testing it for changes that needed her attention?

Act, move, believe, strive, hope, cry out to him with all your heart, for without doubt you will see marvelous things, if you direct everything to the praise and glory of his Majesty and the good of souls.

That sounds like a pretty good mantra for the New Year. May you and your families have a happy 2024!



  1. Sr. Elaine Burke

    Your reflection made me feel sorry for those little chicks! So many people are homeless and trying to bear the brunt of the really cold and windy days. St. Angela had such sayings that we definitely need to reflect on daily. Blessings and thanks for your gift with words.

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