Reflective Moments July 2019

Do you like crossword puzzles? I love them. I usually work the one from our local newspaper every night. I also play Scrabble each evening. I find words fascinating.
Sometimes when I am at prayer with my community a word will jump out at me and I want to remember it when I am playing Scrabble or working a puzzle.
I go back to a prior sentence I wrote: I find words fascinating. That leads me to ponder something from Saint John’s Gospel: “The Word was made flesh and dwells among us.” – Jesus, the Word of God. Do I find Jesus fascinating? How often does The Word pop into my head – my heart? Do I carry The Word with me throughout the day? How do I encounter The Word in people, places and things? Jesus is not confined to times of formal prayer. Do I let The Word be my guide, my lifegiving source? I surely hope so.


Do you find Jesus fascinating? How?
You may wish to spend some time journaling about words and The Word

By Sister Marietta Wethington, OSU


  1. Fraances Thomas

    Yes I fine Jesus fascinating. He has answer prayers for me that I thought were not possible. He is the way truth and the truth.
    I wish Sister Marietta was able to come back to Holy Spirit. She if really missed love by many.

  2. Von Ibanez

    Oh so beautifully said. I just love reading your reflection. Love you my cousin Sister Mary

  3. Helen Flynn

    Thank you for your inspiring words. I play scrabble also but never connected the words with THE WORD MADE FLESH Who dwelt among us —my life giving source.

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