Questions about being a Ursuline Sister?

What God-like experience or signs happened to you that made you want to be an Ursuline Sister? –from Joannie

That is a good question Joanie, as in many ways it is to a particular community that a person is called. At the time I was taught by an Ursuline Sister who invited me and my friends to spend the weekend with her community. I went reluctantly, but discovered that the sisters were well prepared to entertain us. Their was a volleyball game scheduled after supper which was lots of fun. It became very obvious that this form of exercise and entertainment was very familiar with the sisters. When the bell rang, we went to evening prayer which was my first experience of praying the Liturgy of the Hours. After evening prayers the sisters shared their own story. I was taught by several Ursuline Sisters but did not know the story of their founder Saint Angela Merici. She was a remarkable woman. I could recognize some of the same qualities of generosity, dedication, love for God and service in the other sisters I met that weekend. The next day we had a sharing of gifts and talents and the sisters told funny stories, played piano and guitar and even did a puppet story. It was a good balance of fun and prayerfulness. I left the weekend sure that the relationships with the sisters would be something special. Following my visit I recalled the energy and enthusiasm of the sisters in playing the volleyball game. This really gave me a different experience of what I knew about sisters. The game became contagious and every person in the game was invaluable, affirmed and supported. They called each other by name and really made each person feel so valuable and necessary. After that visit I knew that the sisters and the Mount was to become significant for me. Eventually, I chose to go back and visit for a longer period of time. While there on the beautiful campus, I felt drawn to consider being an Ursuline Sisters. There was something about the women and the beautiful space that drew me. Today I am blessed to be a part of that special group of women, and find the “Mount” one of the places where I feel God’s presence very vividly, especially in the silence and nature. Even though the volleyball games are not part of my normal visit, I still fell like I am part of the team being affirmed, cared for and supported as a valued member of the Community!volley ball