Prayer expands the heart and inspires action

To cultivate a life of prayer reqires attention, discipline and steadfastness. It is really hard work, but I have come to recognize that without prayer in my life, I am an empty shell. My actions and words are compelled by what I cultivate in my heart. It there is hurt or pain, than my words cultivate bitterness and anger, if my heart is full of excitement and joy, my words and actions cultivate laughter and openness. “Prayer expands the heart and inspires action” that radiates the peace and love of Christ.

I was told once by a very wise person in my life that if we are too busy to pray we are too busy. I have discovered that being busy is a poor excuse. For when I am most busy is when the need for prayer becomes even more of a gift. Taking all that is on my day’s agenda before my God and asking God’s guidance and grace is more productive than any number of hours or worries that I pour into getting ready to deliver or meet the day’s challenges.

Prayer has a way of expanding our perception of life to see people as sons and daughters of God, as my own brothers and sisters in Christ, who are different than me, who have their own uniqueness, and rest assuredly something to teach me that I need to learn. If I prayerfully embrace them rather than dismiss them , my heart is expanded and I am moved to action that not only inspires others but takes me offguard and I am giving thanks for a lesson in expansion of the heart.

Light up the darkness of my heart and give me the grace to be light today!