Owensboro Catholic Students Enjoy Day of Prayer at the Mount

A large group of sixth-grade students from the Owensboro Catholic Elementary 4-6 Campus visited Mount Saint Joseph for a “Day of Prayer” on May 26, 2015. The students were divided into four groups and took turns at four stations: the Rosary Walk, a scavenger hunt, a trust team activity and crafts. All activities were outdoors except the crafts which took place inside the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center. This was followed by Mass in the Mount Saint Joseph Motherhouse Chapel, listening to “God” over a loudspeaker in the chapel, writing letters to God and a picnic lunch.

One part of the craft activity was writing down someone or something that needed prayers on a cutout paper leaf. All of the leaves were hung on a prayer tree. At the end of the prayer day, each student took a leaf from the tree and prayed for that person or intention (the students did not write their names on the leaves, so they were anonymous prayer requests).

Here are some pictures from this day.