Novena Day 8 Angela, Woman of the Spirit

sprit of god 2


Angela opens her Rule “In the name of the Most Holy Trinity” and concludes her Counsels and Testament with a blessing for us:  “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  Throughout her writings it is the Spirit  to whom she  gives as our Guide in living out God’s call in her Company.

“May the strength and the true consolation of the HolySpirit be with you all so that you can maintain and carry out vigorously and faithfully the task laid upon you.”  Introduction to the Counsels

“Carry out these things faithfully as the Holy Spirit, according to time and circumstances, will guide you.”  Last Legacy

Reflection and questions to ponder prayerfully:   Angela’s counselor, her chosen guide, was the Holy Spirit, the Divine Person of the Trinity. Jesus promised her and each of us that  the Spirit would ” be with you to guide you to all truth.”

–Angela’s chosen guide was the Holy Spirit.  Who is your chosen companion in your journey of  faith?

–Dialog with Angela, aware of the presence of the Spirit dwelling within.  Reflect on the experience of the Spirit’s gifts and fruits in your own life.  What role does the Holy Spirit play in your journey as an Ursuline Sister/Associate?