Novena Day 6 Angela, Woman of Courage


Angela took for granted that if her daughters were truly women of love that they would be women of courage.  Courage was Angela’s response to her dynamic love to life’s challenges.  She writes not of courage but gives witness to courage in her actions throughout her life:

–she dared to found a company with a new creative life style

–she did not plan her life rather she listened and remain open to the whispers of God’s divine will communicated to her in prayer

–she endured blindness and illness with trusting love

–she served the poor, sick, grieving and the lonely with compassion

–she did not hestitate to counsel men and women, rich and poor, pope, princes and bishops with the practice of shared wisdom

Angela has left us few words about courage, rather she gave us  an engaging example of facing challenges with couraged rooted in love.  Her words and her life continually challenge us to truly live the life to which we are called.  Angela exhorts us, “Make the greatest effort to live in the state to which you have been called by God.  Seek all the ways and means to make progress and to persevere in this state to the very end.”

Reflections  and questions to ponder prayerfully:  Angela knew that courage is essential in the life of anyone called to loving God with all one’s heart, mind, and will as well as to love others as one loves one’s self.   As I face the challenges in my life presently, I am strengthened by Angela’s promise, ” I myself shall always be in your midst, helping your prayers…”

–What  are the challenges I am facing presently as a daughter (or son) of Anglea that demand of me “the greatest effort to live in the state to which I have been called by God”?

–What do I need to do to summon the courage and charity to “seek all the ways and means to make progress”?