Novena Day 4 Angela, Woman of Humility


Angela’s truth and vision of herself, uncovered and discovered in moments of prayer, was expressed in her deep humility!  Angela knew she was gifted by the Trinity to fulfill her role in forming her Company and in being mother of that Company throughout all time.  Her love of truth was essential in her relationship with God and in calling her daughters to inner truth and unity in their relationship in community.  Truth was a sacred name Angela used to refer to God.  Humility means truth and is so evident in the spirituality of Angela.

“It has pleased God in God’s infinite goodness to use me as an instrument for such a great work.”   Introduction to the Legacies

“God has also, with unfailing goodness, given me such grace and gifts that I have been able to govern these virgins and to provide for their needs, especially with guiding and helping them continue in the way of life for which they have been chosen.”  Introduction to the Legacies.

“Jesus Christ, in his immense goodness, chose me to be the mother, in life and after death, of such a noble Company.  Although,  I, for my part, am so utterly unworthy.  Having chosen me, he has also given me the grace to be able to govern it in accordance with God’s will.   3rd Counsel

Reflection and questions to ponder:  Angela recognized that God had designed her, chosen her, gifted her, and she responded in humility by opening herself and giving the Holy Trinity total freedom for fulfilling the Eternal Plan through her.  She desired and surrender her gifts to reflect this desire and to give honor to the Giver of all gifts.

–What gifts have I been given to fulfill God’s mission as a daugher or associate of Angela?

–Can I stand beside Angela and witness that I have used my gifts with humility for God’s glory?

–Following Angela’s example, as I look deep within, will I recognize a self rooted in deep humility and truth?

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