Novena Day 3 Angela, Woman of Relationships


Angela’s bond with God, her daughters, and those whom she served was a love relationship.  She united herself in love to the persons God sent into her life.  She was a magnet, attaching herself to those she desired to form. She reverenced their uniqueness with genuine charity.

“I am constantly among them with my Lover…” 5th Counsel

“I am now more alive than when I was on this earth. And now, even more than before, I want, and am able to help you and do good for you in all sorts of ways.”  Introduction to Counsels

“…real friendshp is recognized at the time of great need.  Believe firmly then especially you will realize what a faithful friend I am.”  Last Counsel

“Meet together as loving sisters, talking over spiritual things together, giving joy and encouragement to each other.”  8th Legancy

“Be united and in harmony…” 5th Counsel

Reflections and Questions to ponder:   Sight unseen, because I am now her daughter in her Company, Angela long ago bonded herself to me with a deep and tender love!  In her writings she asks of me to love and to be united with all those who are her daughers.  My relationship with my sisters and associates in community is a strong bond that is deepened over time because of the roots of being attached to Jesus, the Lover of us all, and to Angela who is always in our midst.

— In dialogue with Angela, share your relationship with each of her daughters who are part of your life now in local community.

–Am I united and striving to live in harmony with each of my sisters?harmony