“No use crying over spilt milk!”

Yesterday I received word that one of my community sisters, Sr. Ann Victoria Wasylina, osu was called home to eternal life. Sr. Ann Victoria was from Ukraine, then a part of Poland. She travel many miles away from family and served our community with faithfulness, cheerfulness and tremendous joy. I worked with her as a young sister in dairy and made plenty of mistakes, but she always encouraged, affirmed and rarely was upset. She just smiled and said with all sincerity, “no use crying over spilt milk!” I think the young sisters were assigned to her because we had our rounds of homesickness, but realized after working with Sr. Ann Victoria that we were in the presence of one who had reason to be homesick. She had a beautiful smile and a lovely voice which she eagerly blessed us with by singing her favorite songs which reminded her of home.

Sr. Ann Victoria, I am grateful for your presence in my life. May your new home where you are reunited with your family, St. Angela and all our Ursuline family give you reason to rejoice and yodel. You are forever engraved upon my heart!