Newly blessed water, a family Easter symbol


He is RisenWater is a primary symbol for the Church during this Easter season as we recall our baptism.  It is very common to have the sprinkling rite as we gather as believers for each Sunday of Easter.  It is a joy to watch the priest scurry down the aisles flinging the new baptismal waters upon the believers.   Women raise a hand to protect themselves, children giggle with glee, and youth even display a smile as they watch others try to dodge the stream of water.   I recall the excitement of the neophytes as they enter the refreshing waters of baptism.

Have you sprinkled your home with the newly blessed water from church?  I suggest you take home some of the water, bring a container from home and keep it on your family table or special prayer table as a reminder of the new life you have with the Risen Jesus.  Bless yourselves and bless one another.  You might create a topic for conversation to surround the bowl of newly blessed holy water with photos or mementos related to each family member’s baptism.  Alleluia!  Jesus is Risen!  We are risen with Jesus through our baptism to new life!  Alleluia